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Breakout of fire in your home or business can be an overwhelming event, leaving you, your family or workers in distress. However, a house or office equipped with properly maintained and high quality fire sprinkler system experience less damages because the sprinklers act fast to slow down the fire’s progression.

If you want to reduce potential fire damages and injuries, you should equip your home and business with code-complaint, custom-designed and high quality fire sprinklers. The good news is that Oxnard CA Water Damage brings you total fire solution, including solutions that would be tailored to fit your needs and requirements.

Our highly trained professionals will keep no stone unturned in delivering you high quality service and surpassing your expectations. We specialize in installation, maintenance, and audit of fire sprinklers in homes, commercial properties, government buildings, educational facilities, hospitals and any other building. We strictly follow the industry standards and fire sprinkler codes, meaning that with us you can get value for every dollar you put into protecting your property from potential fire damages.

Unlike other providers, our sprinkler solution is cost-effective and can be perfectly tailored to the requirements of your house or business. Whether you are looking for new fire sprinkler installation, retrofit, maintenance of existing system or adaptation of your fire sprinkler system to the unique environment of your building or area, we are always there to take care of it and relieve you of any worries pertaining to fire damages.

Remember, when it comes to fire insurance protection, most insurers have certain standards and conditions you must meet, and fire sprinkler is one of them. We are well versed in installing fire sprinklers that can meet the standards of insurance companies, such as attention to LEED points. Our installation service starts with visit to your property followed by planning, tailoring of fire sprinklers, installation, testing and follow-up services.

Benefits Of Fire Sprinklers

  • Sprinklers act fast when fire breaks out, reducing potential damages and injuries
  • The water from the sprinkler can contain or extinguish the fire
  • Sprinklers can engage the fire, giving enough time for people to escape
  • Fire sprinklers can help save other rooms of your home or office from fire and smoke damages
  • Your application for insurance claim can go through easily

Why Us?

  • We can tailor fire sprinklers to the requirements of your home or business and the environment where you live or work
  • Our sprinkler installation service is of highest quality and we always aim to delight you with our services
  • We have a highly qualified, experienced and skilled team of dedicated people
  • You can rely on us for reconfiguration of existing sprinklers systems and pipe improvements to bring your property into compliance
  • We provide you complete project management service, starting from survey and design to approval, testing and follow up services
  • Our services are cost-effective and we can also provide you flexible financing options
  • We are always available to take your call, 24/7
  • Most insurance companies ask for documentations showing periodic inspection and repair of fire sprinklers before processing your fire insurance claim. We can help you with the documentation and expedite your insurance claim process

If you want to know more about our fire sprinkler services, contact us now. You can also give us a call at (805) 330-4010


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